HELP US SUPPORT THE SOIL FOR LIFE COMMUNITY! With every Growbag you buy, you will help fund the production of planters to be donated to the families in the communities in which the Soil For Life Org. is active.

Our Growbag planter range has been created after having an insight into the work the Soil For Life Org. is doing in Cape Town’s underprivileged communities for over a decade. The families who are participating in their “Grow to Life” programme live in a harsh environment with limited space and resources. SFL teaches them various techniques on how to grow their own sustainable garden within in a limited space.

The decision to support the Soil For Life Org. by donating planters to their participants was a logical fit as this this helps them to be more effective using their newly acquired skills, so that they can grow their own food, feed their families and ultimately lead a healthy lifestyle.

ABOUT SOIL FOR LIFE: Soil For Life is a Cape Town based not-for-profit organization. They envisage a green city where all people have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food all year round. SFL educates and trains people in how to grow organic food using water wise, low cost and environmentally friendly methods. They teach extensively in impoverished communities, showing people how to grow a lot in a little space, and how to feed themselves and their families. They encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle and teach them to run small businesses to generate income from their home gardens.

A STATEMENT FROM SOIL FOR LIFE ABOUT GROWBAG: “Why we think Growbag is great? One of the main principles we teach in communities is recycling and the re-use of waste materials for the planting of vegetable gardens in even the smallest spaces. We are thrilled to see that Growbag has taken this idea to the next level combining it with contemporary design.” says Jo Fuller, acting director of Soil For Life – 2013.”

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